Yuntao Du (杜云滔)

Data Privacy & Security


I am a PhD student in computer science at Purdue University, advised by Prof. Ninghui Li. Here is my CV (until Feb 23, 2024).

I’m interested in Differential Privacy and Privacy in Machine Learning, especially on the privacy issues of generative models:

  • (Differentially Private) Data Synthesis: privacy metrics [arXiv], data synthesis [VLDB23].
  • Membership Inference Attack.

My research has been recognized and supported by the Herbold Scholarship (2023-2024), Ross Fellowship (2023-2027), Presidential Doctoral Excellence Awards (2023-2027).


Feb 14, 2024 We propose a principled way to assess the data synthesis on fidelity, privacy and utility. Check it out on arXiv!
Apr 13, 2023 One paper is accepted by SIGIR 2023 on robust knowledge-aware recommendation!
Mar 31, 2023 I graduated from Zhejiang University with highest honers. Thanks and best wishes to all the people I met at ZJU!

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Selected Publications

  1. VLDB23_LDPTrace.jpg
    LDPTrace: Locally Differentially Private Trajectory Synthesis
    Yuntao Du, Yujia Hu, Zhikun Zhang, Ziquan Fang, Lu ChenBaihua Zheng, and Yunjun Gao
    Proc. VLDB Endow., 2023
  2. WWW23-ECF.jpg
    Towards Explainable Collaborative Filtering with Taste Clusters Learning
    Yuntao DuJianxun Lian, Jing Yao, Xiting Wang, Mingqi Wu, Lu ChenYunjun Gao, and Xing Xie
    In Proceedings of the ACM Web Conference, 2023
  3. SIGIR22_HAKG.jpg
    HAKG: Hierarchy-Aware Knowledge Gated Network for Recommendation
    Yuntao Du, Xinjun Zhu, Lu ChenBaihua Zheng, and Yunjun Gao
    In The 45th International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval, 2022