Data Management Systems

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  1. "Introduction to Data Mining” by Pang-Ning Tan, Michael Steinbach, Vipin Kuma



Time Slides
2.23 Data Mining: Introduction
2.26 Data/Data exploration
3.5 Classification
3.12 Decision Tree(1)
3.19 Decision Tree(2)
3.26 Ensemble learning
4.3 imbalanced classes
4.10 Association Analysis: Basic Concepts
4.16 Apriori
4.30 Extended association analysis
5.7 extended association analysis-2


  1. Topic: Rumor detection
    • Prominent Features of Rumor Propagation in Online Social Media
    • Detect Rumors Using Time Series of Social Context Information on Microblogging Websites
  2. Topic: Graph
    • Fast Discovery of Connection Subgraphs
    • Compression of Weighted Graphs
  3. Topic: Time series: shapelets
    • Learning time-series shapelets
    • Time series shapelets a new primitive for data mining
  4. Topic: Socal data
    • Predicting Online Protest Participation of Social Media Users
    • TweetFit: Fusing Multiple Social Media and Sensor Data for Wellness Profile Learning
  5. Topic: networks
    • Community structure in social and biological networks
    • Detecting community structure in networks
  6. Topic: Health
    • Risk Prediction with Electronic Health Records: A Deep Learning Approach
    • Using recurrent neural network models for early detection of heart failure onset
  7. Topic: Social
    • Interpretable Decision Sets
    • MobileMiner: Mining Your Frequent Patterns on Your Phone
  8. Topic: Multi-view Learning
    • Multi-View Clustering and Semi-Supervised Classification with Adaptive Neighbours
    • Incomplete Multi-View Weak-Label Learning
  9. Topic:Transfer Learning
    • Multi-Adversarial Domain Adaptation
    • Distant Domain Transfer Learning
  10. Topic: ML with DL
    • Gaussian Conditional Random Field Network for Semantic Segmentation
    • Conditional Random Fields as Recurrent Neural Networks
  11. Topic:
    • Multi-Type Itemset Embedding for Learning Behavior Success
    • TruePIE Discovering Reliable Patterns in Pattern-Based Information Extraction
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