Advanced Database System

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Date Description Reading Project
2.19 Structure of Database LevelDB安装及使用
2.26 Introduction to LSM-tree Storage Model B tree history
LMDB architecture
3.4 Memtable & In-memory Index SkipList解析
3.11/3.18 Handle Concurrency for In-memory Index A Lazy Concurrent List-Based Set Algorithm 并发链表
3.25 Storage Design of SStables SStable练习一
4.15 Data Compaction SStable练习二
4.15 Index & Storage for traditional database 使用gdb调试pg
4.24 SQL Execution Engine-Vocalno Model gdb跟踪pg源码
4.24 SQL Execution Engine-Operations
5.6 Introduction to Query Optimization 调试HashJoin
5.13 Introduction to Concurrency Control Protocols Isolation Level 基于时间戳的并发控制
5.20 Transaction Engine Lock table Raw Locking 基于锁的并发控制
5.27 Introduction to WAL logging 乐观并发控制
6.10 Raft/Paxos made simple
6.17 Raft /Basic paxos implementation
6.24 Introduction of NewSQL - TiDB as an Example

Reading Material


《数据库系统实现》-- Hector Garcia-Molina, et al.

leveldb 实现解析



  1. LSM-based Storage Techniques: A Survey(Chen Luo)
  2. Fault-tolerant precise data access on distributed log-structured merge-tree
  3. A Comparative Study of Secondary Indexing Techniques in LSM-based NoSQL Databases


  1. Radix Join(Partitioned Join,
  2. Sort vs. Hash Revisited: Fast Join Implementation on Modern Multi-Core CPUs


  1. Concurrency Control and Recovery (Michael J. Franklin)
  2. Cache-Conscious Concurrency Control of Main-Memory Indexes on Shared-Memory Multiprocessor Systems


  1. In Search of an Understandable Consensus Algorithm (Extended Version)
  2. PolarFS: An Ultra-low Latency and Failure Resilient Distributed File System for Shared Storage Cloud Database


  1. Self-Driving Database Management Systems(CIDR17)
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