Data Management Systems

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Date Description Notes
2.19 Introduction to OLAP
2.26 Kimball dimensional modeling
3.4 MDX&XMLA UDW云数据仓库
3.11 Dimensional model design 历史拉链表
3.18 Dimensional model/ Fact Table/ AG 日志分析
3.25 Procurement case study OLAP列存储
4.1 Order management 基准评测
4.8 Mid-exam
4.15 Accounting 数据仓库之表膨胀
4.22 MDX-1 数据仓库之Json格式
5.5 Customer Relationship Management Hive使用
5.12 Human Resources Management 建立数据仓库模型
5.19 Financial Services Sqoop抽取数据
5.26 Telecommunications 数据清洗
6.3 Transportation 定期装载
6.10 Electronic Commerce 初始装载
6.17 Insurance Hive 优化

Reading Material

The Data Warehouse Toolkit:The Definitive Guide to Dimensional Modeling,Third Edition

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